Sevierville in Tennessee is a must-visit city as it houses many famous tourist spots. One of which is the Titanic Museum, where guests can learn more about the tragic but historical events of the "unsinkable" ship. Aside from this, the city also houses some unique attractions, such as the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show.

In Sevierville you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Sevierville Community Center & Civic Center, Adventure Ziplines Of Pigeon Forge, and Dolly Parton Statue and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Sevierville Community Center & Civic Center

The Parks and Recreation Department provides extensive recreational services and facilities to all residents and visitors of the city. Sevierville, a family-friendly community, offers enjoyable activities for all ages. In the city, there is a Dolly Parton statue as well as a Heritage Museum.

2. Adventure Ziplines Of Pigeon Forge

Zip lining, while it may appear to be an exciting "eco-tourist" sport, was really created to offer biologists, conservationists, and other environmental scientists an environmentally friendly and secure opportunity to observe and study Costa Rica's unique and vulnerable flora and wildlife. Researchers gushed over the sense of flight that resulted, prompting the widespread promotion of zip lining as a leisure pastime. Humans may now enjoy the exhilarating sensation of free flight while taking in the breathtaking beauty of nature from the perspective of a bird.

3. Dolly Parton Statue

This statue is a tribute to the pop superstar, Dolly Parton. Jim Gray was the creator of the Dolly Parton statue. The statue of Dolly is depicted as playing guitar, is located in the center of Sevier County Courthouse lawn. This statue attracts many fans from miles around. Street parking is available in downtown Sevierville.

4. Sevierville Greenway

Sevierville Greenway, located in Tennessee, is perfect for those who love the great outdoors and admire the beauty of nature. It is a 2-mile loop trail that features a stunning and picturesque view of a river and is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and even nature trips.

5. Tennessee Homemade Wines

Tennessee Homemade Wines, located in Tennessee, features the process of winemaking as well as the rich history and tradition of winemaking. They pride themselves on the wine they make as they feature local ingredients in their wines. Visitors would surely love learning about wine and the beauty of making it.

6. Historic Ogle Log Cabin

Historic Ogle Log Cabin, located in Tennessee, is a historic cabin where visitors could learn more about the history of America's first frontier. It gives its guests a glimpse of what life was like during the early settlements. It is a cabin built by William "Old Billy" Ogle and offers a wonderful view of nature as it is surrounded by towering trees and greenery.

7. Sevier County Heritage Museum

Sevier County Heritage Museum displays historic collections of Sevier County. Entry to this museum is free, but there is a donation box at the entrance. The staff welcomes all visitors with great warmth, kindness, and enthusiasm. The collection of exhibits is growing with the donations given from outerwear of the citizens, military, furniture, tools to many more.

8. Clingman's Dome

Clingman's Dome, located in the heart of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is the park's highest point. Visitors should not miss going to this dome as it stands at 6,643 feet and offers wondrous and beautiful views of nature. Aside from this, there is also a nearby Appalachian trail where visitors could stroll around and explore the great outdoors.

9. Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum

Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum owns a variety of stylish cars with different models and is a great place for classic cars. Under one roof, one can find vintage style and high revving horsepower cars. This museum is a feast for anyone who loves vintage-style cars, power, and speed. Families can enjoy seeing a variety of different model cars here.

10. Smoky Mountain Deer Farm & Exotic Petting Zoo

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm & Exotic Petting Zoo, located in Tennessee, is a one-of-a-kind attraction. It is mainly famous for its petting zoo where visitors could get inside the pens and just feed or pet the exotic animals. The zoo is also located at the heart of the country's largest mountain range which makes the zoo's surroundings really pretty.

11. Emerts Cove Covered Bridge

Emert's Cove Covered Bridge is located in Pittman Center and is a few minutes from downtown Gatlinburg. In 1790, Frederick Emert, a soldier in the Revolutionary War has settled in this area. The bridge is named after him. The bridge resembles a cabin-style structure with cut-out windows along the lines. It is constructed on the waters surrounded by trees and a rushing river. From the bridge, one can enjoy the spectacular view of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

12. Rainforest Adventures Zoo

RainForest Adventures Zoo, located in Tennessee, is truly one of the best zoos as it is designed by one of the nation's finest zoological contractors. The zoo features over 600 wildlife and over 130 species where visitors could see them up close. Visitors would surely be able to learn more about how wonderful nature is and hopefully appreciate it better.

13. Great Smokies Flea Market & Antique

The Great Smokies Flea Market consists of a flea market and a mall. A huge collection of merchandise from custom t-shirts, toys, and furniture are displayed in this market. Visitors can buy unique arts and crafts, healthy beauty products, automotive parts, pet food, second-hand goods, hardware, clothing, sporting equipment at lower prices from the vendors. There's always something new to every member of the family here.

14. Gatlinburg

Known as a gateway to the Smoky Mountain National Park, Gatlinburg is a mountain resort city in Tennessee. Tourists frequent the city for the view of the Smoky Mountains or to visit the Smoky Mountain, National Park. The town is known for Ski trails and sky bridge to the mountains.

15. Tennessee Mountain Paintball

Tennessee Mountain Paintball is a great place to play paintball in the mountains. This place gives an amazing experience for the whole family with a complete paintball store. Paintballs are of low impact and standard, which allows children to older people to enjoy the adrenaline rush with no pain. Tennessee Mountain Paintball offers activities for all skill levels and gives a great time for the whole family.

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